Thursday, June 30, 2022

Christian Women Is Lack Of Willpower Causing You To Stumble with your goals?

Most people list “lack of willpower” as the chief reason they struggle to fulfill their goals.

As Christian Women we may still have this same challenge as we embrace Kingdom principles that support us in having strong willpower through our Faith.

Willpower, or lack of it, is the #1 reason given for failing to  lose weight, and to reduce debt. Here are some insights to help you strengthen your will to succeed.

- Do you find that it is easier to stick with your New Year’s Commitment in the morning? In fact, for most people, willpower is strongest in the morning.

- Instead of squelching negative thoughts, acknowledge them. It’s just your own survival instinct kicking into gear. Acknowledging fear is the first step in releasing it. Talk to your accountability partner about the fear and ask for ideas to resolve it. It may be a true roadblock you need to get around or over. So you need to work through to the solution.

- When it comes to establishing a new habit, strive for small, yet consistent wins.

- Celebrate your wins, especially the small ones because they are the steps to major milestones.

- Focus on Faith and confidence in God in you!

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