Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Procrastination is a thief of time. Stop it before it stops your empowering success

Procrastination is a thief of time. Stop it before it stops your empowering success! A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb Do you put off your work for later, only to find your deadlines steadily creeping in? Is there a personal project that you’ve longed to complete but for […]

Empowering Women: 7 Cannon Ball Barriers to Empowering Success

7 Cannon Ball Barriers to Empowering success Success is something that we long for from our child hood. The seed for empowering women and having my own business was planted years ago. I remember playing with my siblings and they considered mere play but no I was serious. I had a pink cash register, prices […]

Empowering women, Listen to fear and sabotage realizing who you might have become

People every where are experiencing the emotion fear on some level or another. My passion for empowering women has brought me face to face with women who are in denial that they are operating in fear or that it is even present in their lives. Watch this video below for insights on how fear can […]

Empowering women:Total Transformation: From Fear to Faith-full,Focused, Fit and Fabulous!

Are you tired of the place you’ve been for the last few months, years or could it possibly be decades? Do you feel like you need a total overhaul? Well I want to talk to you about Total Transformation. And when I say total I mean total. What is Transformation? 1: an act, process, or […]

Women’s Empowerment – Unleash your mind-power: Challenge fear

Unleash your mind-power: Challenge Fear Do you struggle with the emotion fear? Many people are hindered in their endeavors for empowering success typically because of the fear of failing. As soon as you allow doubt to step in it brings you down. Your self-esteem and confidence drops. All is not doom and gloom.Once you acknowledge […]

Women’s Empowerment: Fear-less and Faith-full living

What could you do if you were fear-less? How many years would be filled with accomplished goals, dreams and healthy relationships? People everywhere are beginning to live in a state of fear. There is good fear and bad fear. Fear was also designed to warn us and protect us from certain things, however, for the […]