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Empowering Christian Women: Is Your Mouth An Enemy Of Your Business?

Is your mouth an enemy to your Business Success? Yep I said it or asked it because this is a big blocker to your manifesting activities. Your mouth is a powerful thing. You’re frustrated and possibly bewildered because you don’t know why things aren’t manifesting the way you desire. Christian Women in Business, Christian Women […]

Zig Ziglar left the world empty

Zig Ziglar left the world empty The world lost one of the great influencers and I’m sure he touched men, women, boys and girls from all walks of life. Yes, I truly believe that Zig Ziglar left the world empty. What do I mean by this? He was full of purpose and wisdom and he […]

Women’s Empowerment: One thing you must know for maximum breakthrough

Women’s Empowerment: One thing you must know for maximum breakthrough Read empowering excerpt…. What is that one thing as it pertains to Women’s Empowerment? A mindset shift is crucial. I’ve talked about mindset for quite a bit and I will continue to talk about it because it is one thing that sabotages our success in […]

Empowering Women: Unleash your Mind POWER

Empowering Women: Unleash Your Mind Power! Do you ever feel like you take one step forward and two steps back? Seems like no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to sustain your empowering success? Look around you. Everything you see has manifested according to either your thoughts, what you spoke or your […]

Women’s Empowerment tips: The Concept of Writing to unlock your mind power – Excerpt

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It’s been said that we don’t use as much as 55% of our mind’s capacity. Imagine that! I’m sure you’re pretty intelligent and you’ve accomplished muchwith your mind, however, imagine if you used just 10% more of your mind power? Read on for one way to unlock your mind-power with writing. The Concept of Writing […]