Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Why Won’t They Buy From Me?

Do you find yourself asking “Why won’t they buy from me?” I can hear it. Whether it’s said outright or not I can sense the frustration fromnew women entrepreneurs and more experienced women entrepreneurs. My heart goes out to those who believe that they will leave their jobs to work from home and those who […]

Mistakes you’re making that blocks money from flowing towards you

Mistakes you’re making that  blocks money from flowing towards you Are you struggling to make money online? Does it seem like everybody gets it but you? Did you know that you may be making critical mistakes that block money from flowing to you? Money is a current and it will either flow towards you or […]

Do you have bad success?

Do you have Bad Success? How did that resonate with you? Maybe you responded how dare she ask me if I have Bad Success. I’m a Christian Woman Entrepreneur. There’s nothing bad about my success! In the word of God there is a popular scripture verse that reads as such: This Book of the Law […]

21 Christian Women Entrepreneurs Light Up The Web via MEGA Online Event

Women are encouraged to step up and catapult their personal, spiritual and business growth via an empowering virtual (online) event. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is a little extra. Jimmy Johnson Imagine receiving insight from 21 savvy spiritually empowered Christian Women Entrepreneurs who are experts in various fields that will catapult your personal, spiritual […]

Christian Women Entrepreneurs are you making these Social Media Mistakes?

Christian Women Entrepreneurs are you making these Social Media Mistakes? Gone are the days when women entrepreneurs have to feel intimidated by a budget that couldn’t compare to the larger businesses. Social Media Marketing has made it possible to have a global reach whether one has a large budget or not. In my talking with […]

Women’s Empowerment: What if you could see what God sees? What God Says About Mindset

What if you could see what God sees? What if you could hear what He hears? What if you could do what He does? Women’s Empowerment includes personal, spiritual and business empowerment. It’s an inside/out continued progression. God cares about your empowerment. In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with […]

Breakthrough to Extraordinary Success with 21 Experts

If you’re on Facebook feel free to like our page here http://www.facebook.com/extraordinarylifeandbusinesssuccess I enjoy sharing great resources with you that I feel will greatly enhanceyour endeavors in your personal and business life and this event I’mgoing to share with you now is one of those resources. I am overjoyed to say that I am hosting […]

Empowering Christian Wifepreneurs: A Priceless Gift for your spouse

 Empowering Christian Wifepreneurs: A priceless gift to your spouse   A Wifepreneur? What or who is that? You have the mompreneur,  wahmpreneur, solopreneur and more and now there’s the wifepreneur. There are unique characteristics attached to each title mentioned and then you have the unique characteristics that identify the wifepreneur. We as wifepreneurs have a vision, mission and goals […]

Women’s Empowerment: One thing you must know for maximum breakthrough

Women’s Empowerment: One thing you must know for maximum breakthrough Read empowering excerpt…. What is that one thing as it pertains to Women’s Empowerment? A mindset shift is crucial. I’ve talked about mindset for quite a bit and I will continue to talk about it because it is one thing that sabotages our success in […]

Empowering Women: 2 Essential ingredients of a recipe for success

What does success mean to you? Any endeavor for Women’s Empowerment will require you to get clear on what successmeans to you. Without defining success for yourself you’ll follow almost anyopportunity that presents itself to you. And of course if you neglect to definesuccess for yourself others are willing to define it for you.In most […]

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