Thursday, May 26, 2022

Six Ways To Simplify Your Life For Next Level Success

Our lives can be so complex and a bit overwhelming. If you’re going to have any level of sustained success, motivation and empowerment as a Christian Woman Entrepreneur, Coach, Ministry Leader, Mom, CEO etc.  you’ll need to simplify your life and make a mindset shift to Total Wellness. Here are Six Ways to Simplify Your […]

Goal Setting tips: Lack of direction not lack of time is the problem

I hear Christian Women In Business concerned about having too little time to accomplish their goals. It’s a BIG concern. Whether it’s a Mom working outside the home desiring to transition out of the job to her own business or a woman working from home desiring more time to network and yet have a social […]

Time Management For Christian Women In Business: Increase Your Productivity Learn to Prioritize Your Tasks

As a business owner, there will always be ideas that you just don’t have the time to make a reality, and tasks that can’t get done in a day. This is OK – really! – but you need to learn to prioritize.  I talk with many Christian Women Entrepreneurs who struggle with setting up effective Time Management […]

Time Management Tips: This One Thing Can Contribute To Your Broken Focus

Time Management Tips: This One Thing Can Contribute to Your Broken Focus Don’t Try to Multitask Did you know that Multi-tasking can be one of the greatest contributors to broken focus?  I know that you have heard different ones toot their horn about having the skills to multi-task and there are many Christian Women Entrepreneurs […]

How being a Delta Do it All is blocking Your Fabulous Life and Business

Are you a Delta Do it all? What being a Delta Do it all can cost you “Time is priceless, but it’s Free. You can’t own it, you can use it. You can spend it. But you can’t keep it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”― Audrey Niffenegger Okay so I […]

Are you a victim of Time Thieves? Discover how to stay focused and cut them off

Are you a victim of Time thieves?
 Maybe that would be easier to answer if you knew what time thieves were. And quite possibly you already know what they are but need to be reminded of how much they are stealing from your Destiny, from your relationships, okay from your life. As Christians we are […]

5 Quick and Easy Steps to beat Procrastination

5 quick and easy steps to beat procrastination  A year from now you may wish you had started today. ~Karen Lamb Procrastination is the grave in which opportunity is buried.  Author unknown Do you put off your work for later, only to find your deadlines steadily creeping in? Is there a personal project that you’ve […]

What being a Delta Do it all can cost you

What being a Delta Do it all can cost you Okay so I know you’re great at your craft and if it’s to be done right you’ve got to do it right? Well that may be true to a certain extent, however, how much time are you losing because you’re a Delta Do it all? […]

Empowering women – Women Entrepreneurs: Do this for enhanced productivity and success

How many people long for more productivity and success?  

God cares about your goals too Praying over your 30 Day Goals during FREE Teleclass

God cares about your goals too! When you set out to plan your year, Quarter or month do you acknowledge God?Or do you make your plans and then ask God to bless them? God cares about your goals too! Beloved I wish above all things that you would prosper and be in health even as […]

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