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Why Won’t They Buy From Me?

Do you find yourself asking “Why won’t they buy from me?” I can hear it. Whether it’s said outright or not I can sense the frustration fromnew women entrepreneurs and more experienced women entrepreneurs. My heart goes out to those who believe that they will leave their jobs to work from home and those who […]

Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs: What If You’re Doing It All Wrong?

Empowering Christian Women Entrepreneurs What If You’re Doing It All Wrong? How much time have you spent on your dream? Does it seem like you’ll never achieve your desired outcome? Feel like throwing in the towel? Are you investing money into this and that and still haven’t manifested an ROI? What If Your Doing It […]

Do you try to get new clients but end up frustrated and unable to make the next step?

Do you try to get new clients but end up frustrated and unable to make the next step? Could your mindset be sabotaging your empowering success? It doesn’t have to be this way. Discover what other dynamic women have discovered about what it takes to get unstuck, laser focused and on track to manifesting their […]

Can Women Succeed in Business Online?

Can Women succeed in business? Of course they can and of course you can, however, there are some foundational keys to doing so.   I’m hosting a training series on “How to launch and grow your business online.”  It’s a No Cost opportunity for you and other dynamic women. I’m going to take a look […]

3 Things to Avoid When Marketing Your Business Online

3 Things to avoid when marketing your business online 1) Marketing to the masses.Many women I speak to are afraid to identify their Target Marget or Niche which is how you serve your target market. They feel that they are missing out and will lose business. On the contrary. Actually the opposite happens. Instead of […]

For Women Ready to Step Up To Your Greatness – Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors

    Are you on track with Your Goals? Research has shown that people who accomplishgreat things and perform at optimum levels have a clear vision and goal of whatthey want. Do you have something you want to change orachieve in your life in the new year? Maybe you’d like to… => Start a business […]

Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors Get the business breakthrough you deserve

Get the Business Breakthrough You Deserve Dear Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors….. If you’ve been working togrow your business for a whilenow and things aren’t happeningas fast as you want, then I’d liketo help you create a MAJORbusiness BREAKTHROUGH. Here’s the scoop… New Years is the best time toget started on your EPIC year. Ayear that’s […]

What’s holding you back and what you can do about it

What’s holding you back from manifesting your desired results? Is it your lack of confidence, low self esteem, dis-empowering habits, lack of skills, lack of money, unclear vision etc.? Why is it holding you back? You can do something about everyone of the things mentioned above but nothing happens until you make a decision. Yes […]

Robin Tramble Tells the Truth About Your Target Market, Niche, Attracting Clients as a Christian Woman in Business

Empowerment Diva tells the truth about Your Target Market, Niche. Attracting clients and customers as a Christian Woman in Business. Identifying your Target Market and Niche has been one of the most controversial topics where it concerns women in business or anyone for that matter. This activity can immobilize some at times. Some say that […]

3 Beginning Steps For a Profitable Twittering Experience

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3 Beginning steps for a profitable Twittering experience The concept of social media has been around for ages – even cavemen posted on each other’s walls. ☺ The internet just scaled this to a whole new level with more than 1.5 billion people on social networks increasing by more than half a million a day. […]

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