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Women’s empowerment through focus in crisis: Two words to hold on to and one thing not to do

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Are you experiencing challenges and is just basically dealing with the challenges sending you for a spin? You must remain focused regardless of what you’re dealing with.

The road to women’s empowerment will involve holding on to two words:

Tenacity: Tough minded persistency non yielding…and tireless effort regardless of obstacles, opposition and or other’s opinions.

There are so many obstacles that come before you and hinder you especially during the economic times of challenge. You must have tough minded persistency and become a woman of tenacity. You must be if you’re going to achieve your dreams, live an empowered life, be an extraordinary woman leading an extraordinary life. You have to have a non-yielding and tireless effort regardless of obstacles. That’s something I want you to hold on to regardless of obstacles and opposition and we have great opposition especially women of faith and/or other’s opinions the opinions of others the opinions of the world, the opinions of society where it concerns our faith. Tenacity, hold on to that.

Another is the word resolve; unwavering committed mindset adhering to a bold decision and strategy.

So I want you to hold onto those two words as we move on. It takes much courage to continue in the midst of crisis. It takes passion, faith and motivation.

I looked up the word crisis and there are a couple of definitions and they include the following;

A crucial or decisive point or situation a turning point. A traumatic or stressful change in a person’s life; it’s also a term meaning a testing time or an emergency event.

What I’d like you to answer is how do you respond to crisis or what should your response be? If you’re going to embrace any level of empowerment you’re going to need to have tenacity and there should be a resolve. It’s also important to have the right mindset in order to keep moving forward during the time of crisis during a testing time. There will be continuous testing times as you move along your journey towards an empowered life. There’s no question about it, you will have testing times as you move up to new levels there will be new testing. Build safeguards so you stay focused and you stay along the course that’s been set for you and given the fact I’m talking about focus in crisis, learn to focus.

One of the hardest things to do in life when an unexpected change or circumstances, disappointment etc. come your way is to stay focused. You are either experiencing so much pain or you’re so overwhelmed that the event tries to take your full attention. So how can you continue along your path so the goals that you’ve set the action steps you’ve set that will lead you to that goal long term, short term? The event tries to take your full attention. One thing for sure is that there will be unexpected situations, and that’s just the way it is. There are changes and disappointments that are sure to come your way. The essential thing is to learn how to remain focused during these times and it is a learned state. Losing your focus can immobilize you, bind you and make you ineffective in your life.

Here’s one thing not to do:

Don’t panic!

This is number one here as this may be the natural response by most and that is to Panic. When I heard the call from my daughter saying “mommy I can’t see” my first inclination was to panic and then I gave the call to my husband so that I could regroup and reach into my Faith. Panic will send you spiraling down a staircase of many emotions sending you deeper and deeper into a mode of gloom and defeat. Below I share other things you must do to stay focused that you also must do that will fuel your ability to resist the panic stage. Unless you make an agreement with yourself that you will not panic the other keys may not be as effective in your endeavor to learn skills to help you stay focused in crisis.

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