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Women’s Life empowerment: Was your Mother’s Day Bitter sweet?

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We are celebrating Mother’s Day and of course I celebrate my mother and thought of my Grandmother. I was craving a juicy hug from my Grandma who is no longer here. So… I went to the mirror looked in my eyes and hugged myself. Your loved one lives in you! If you’re missing a loved one and are finding it hard to celebrate this weekend. Express their love this week and they live on through your expression. You may drop a tear or few as I did but your environment is refreshed & life goes on.

No it’s not easy and we will miss our loved ones greatly, however, I’m sure they wouldn’t want you to spend your time mourning or reaching back in the past. If we must
look back for a moment let it be a time of giving thanks for their lives and the richness they left us.

Maybe you’re one whose mother is here but she was not much of a mother. Don’t spend your days filled with unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness is poison an individual takes expecting the other person to die
Author unknown

I’m not saying that you wish that the other person would die, however, you may feel that holding on to unforgiveness somehow punishes the other individual. On the contrary it robs you of life, puts a strain on your health, sabotages your relationships and more. Embrace a lifestyle of forgiveness and live!

I know what I’m talking about. Again, this is also not an easy thing to do, however,
you can start the journey. Ask Father God to help you, trust that He will , stay close and listen for His wisdom.

Well I would really like to hear how this post has helped you and if you’d like to share a memory of your loved one this Mother’s day and even beyond feel free.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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