Thursday, August 5, 2021

Network Marketers, Mary Kay, Traci Lynn Consultants Are You Making These Mistakes?

Network Marketers, Mary Kay, Traci Lynn Consultants Are you Making these mistakes?

Network Marketing

Are you trying to get more leads, customers and sales but end up frustrated and unable to make the next step?

I coach many Christian Women in Business including those using Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales models. There are quite a few who are Mary Kay Consultants coming to me asking how they can manifest some of their desired
outcomes in a way that reflects there authentic self.

There is one mistake I see most making and I’m going to share this and an additional one with you.

Are you ready?

1) Marketing the company that you represent.
Huh? I know this is something that may seem surprising to you, however, your company has it’s own place in you prospects mind and if they’ve had a negative experience of any sort the mere mention of the word will cause them to put up barriers and you will repel them instead of attracting them.

2) Trying to be all things to everyone.
Yep. If you’ve heard a positive correlation between being a Jack of All Trades and a Smart Entrepreneur you’ll be sadly mistaken.

One key factor to any level of success is FOCUS. And I’m sure you’ve heard that a confused mind doesn’t buy. There is however a smart way to offer the solutions
that you feel your prospects, clients and/or customers need and that is to integrate your solutions. You want to create harmony so that’s it’s pleasing to your prospects
ears and eyes.

Think about a nice piece of music that you truly enjoy? One thing
that would totally disrupt a nice classical piece is the banging of drums or
projection of an electric guitar. Yes, they’re all musical instruments, however, they
don’t fit the composition. They’re incongruent with the experience that was
being created.

What does this have to do with anything?

Note I labeled my genre Classical Music. There is a certain element that is part
of the composition of classical music. So it is with your Message. There’s a certain
element connected to your Message and it should have supporting pieces.

OK here’s a Bonus Tip:
Replace the fear of Selling with the Empowerment of Sharing!
Yes!! I love sharing this. There are so many that start with a bang and
it with a fizz especially where it concerns the area of recruiting. I could
share so much more on this.

Would you like to hear more about my empowering message to you?

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