Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Simple But Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies That Work For Business and Ministry

What would it mean to you to finally figure out this Social Media thing and use Social Media and more specifically Facebook Marketing Strategies that work?

Marketing on the Internet can be tricky business. Often times, you feel like you’re casting a line into the ocean and hoping to snare a whale, but you come back with an old boot. Some of your greatest concerns could include ; Simply how do I Market My Business without the overwhelm? How do you I know what works and what doesn’t, and how do I make sure my marketing dollars aren’t wasted? When networking on Facebook, there is no one perfect strategy, but there are some factors you should consider to help get the most out of your marketing strategy and more specifically Facebook Marketing while doing it all authentically and with integrity.

Know Your Audience
First off, consider your audience. Facebook might have a huge list of demographics to pick from, but who is it specifically that you’re after? Things to consider would include gender, age, race, ethnicity, even geographic information when looking at your targeted ad campaign. Look at the message you’re putting out and how it will impact your audiences based on these factors. Is this how you want to be viewed when it comes to gender, race or income? Consider the effect your ad will have on those audiences before just posting and hoping- does your message send the right tone?

Use Facebook Tools
Are you making the most out of the visual tools Facebook offers? Many people get reposts based not on the quality of their posts, but on the interest in their graphics. Facebook is a very visual tool and it is more often the graphics people post that get shared, not the businesses. Are you using pictures to push your products, and if so, are they relevant pictures that others will want to share? You’ll want to accept my invite at the close of this writing to learn a new twist on updates that will increase your chances of getting your content in the news feed.

Be Consistent
I’d rather see you posting 3 times per week and doing it consistently then to try to do so daily and hit and miss. Are you consistently posting? The easiest way for you to fail is to post once and assume that the world has been moved. An effective marketing strategy is one that continues to let people know that it exists, so post daily and comment often. Let people know you exist and talk about your services whenever you get a chance. You want people to see your name and your posts and associate them with what you do and what you offer, so make sure they will by talking about your business or products constantly.

Make New Friends

Finally, remember that the Internet is endless, but your friends list may not be. Look at similar products and services and who is following them, and friend them. Make new friends daily because new friends equals new views and new likes. All of which means more traffic to your site and more potential clients focused on your products or services. Don’t be afraid to approach people that already like the competition.
After all, if the competition was able to get people to like it, then those people will probably like you as well. Be bold, reach out and be a constant presence on your Facebook page. It’s the diligent poster who gets the followers and the avid commenter who gets read the most. So be social, be outgoing and be daring in your posts. While this may not be a 100% strategy, it will undoubtedly drive more traffic to your posts and to your site.

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