Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Are you a victim of Time Thieves? Discover how to stay focused and cut them off

Are you a victim of Time thieves?
 Maybe that would be easier to answer if you knew what time thieves were. And quite possibly you already know what they are but need to be reminded of how much they are stealing from your Destiny, from your relationships, okay from your life.

As Christians we are called to be stewards of not only our finances but of our time, bodies and anything God has given us to manage.

A lack of productivity is one area that most women have a challenge with whether in business or their personal life.

A great hindrance to productivity is The Time Thief. One of the Time Thieves shared by many women marketing their business online is email overwhelm.

This can suck the life out of your empowering business success endeavors.

An essential keys to manifesting your desired results is to get and stay focused. There is no way that you can have sustained focus with email overwhelm.

Robin Tramble will share how to combat email overwhelm and cut off other Time Thieves during her FREE Teleseminar that will empower Christian Women Entrepreneurs to discover “Unmistakable Keys to Supernatural Focus that renders brain power, money power and strategies for business success!

You can register here http://bit.ly/focusempowerment

This is a 2 part Teleseries.

Robin states “You don’t have to allow your biz to be held back by a life that’s out of order, broken focus, a lack of systems etc.”

Let this be the year you finally get it.

About Robin
Robin’s passion is empowering Christian Women, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Authors, Leaders and Speakers to get focused, get unstuck, get out there in a BIG way while prospering and making a difference in the world “Authentically!” Robin is America’s Authentic Empowerment Specialist. She’s a Certified Social Media Marketing Campaign specialist. Coach, Author, Speaker and Music Professional. She prides herself in being committed to family as a wife, mother and Grandmother. She absolutely adores God.

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